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Hike Up Slide Mountain

By Steve R.

At 4,180 vertical feet Slide Mountain is the highest peak in the Catskills. On Sunday, March 18, 13 students hit the road ready to hit the trail in hopes of dominating the massive peak.

“I didn’t think it was going to be as tough as it was, but the end was very rewarding, I was the only one who didn’t fall, so I’m proud of myself.” said student Stefan D. Sections of the trail were ice-covered making the trail difficult to traverse. The hikers met the challenge with determination and hard work. When they reached the top the good feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction was imminent was prominent.

It was an early morning start and even the view from the bottom was great. There was a running river and the new spring buds gave the trees an iridescent glow in the early morning sunlight.

The ascent was immediately challenging as students had to cross a small river that then put them right onto the mountainside. Initially, there were occasional steep inclines but nothing to difficult. However, at the one mile mark, the students reached one of the biggest challenges of the day — a massive rock covered incline.

The last mile, the altitude was high enough for there to be an accumulation of snow. Sections of the trail were glazed with ice. “Oh man, how am I going to get up this? “ was just one of many toughts going through the students mind as they approached the challenge.

Aside from the view, students enjoyed the time away from school, as well as the time they were given to bond with one another on a beautiful day spent outdoors. “I love being outdoors, and I love a challenge so this was just about a perfect day for me.” Will W said after reaching the summit. All in all, this wasn’t your average hike, it was an all day, four mile hike, uphil, that when completed, leaves you with a view that very few experience and a feeling that is hard to find any other way than through hard work and determination.

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